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Changemakers as our Heroes

While many of us serve the community with an intention to bring change, there are those who lead from the front to MAKE CHANGE happen—these individuals are called CHANGE MAKERS. They have the vision, zeal, and ability to put together a complex puzzle so that their dreams can turn into reality. They have the same 24 hours in a day, exist on the same plant as we do, and witness the same inequalities. But unlike us, they aspire to transform and are inspiring others to do so too. Which is why they deserve to be at the top of Giving Circle platform. Because they are, we are.

Change Maker Projects

How It Works

Find a project that matters most to you and then get involved! Choose from a variety of causes and make an informed decision that will guarantee that “feel good” factor at the end of your day. Each of our Change Maker Projects is aligned with the UNDP’s sustainable development goals including No Poverty, Quality Education, Climate Action and more. By participating in a project, you will be part of a global movement of thousands of individuals and organisations that are striving for a better planet by 2030. So meet your match and get started!.

Volunteer Diaries

It’s not always easy to describe life-changing experiences, but these volunteers have found a way! Read the awe-inspiring stories of individuals who have given their time, money, skills and expertise to keep a project alive and well. Then find your own unique ways to energize a cause. You’re needed!

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Latest Events

How It Works

Projects accomplish their purpose through multiple interventions. Events are one such intervention. There are multiple live and upcoming events on a variety of causes around the country. We have listed them here to make it even easier for you to join a mission through an event of your choice. Events may require your skills, time, monetary contribution or support - choose the one that suits you the best. Participate and connect with Change Makers. You never know, it could be the life changing experience you were waiting for!