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Bipin Joshi
Bipin Joshi
Co Founder BE MBA - JBIMS, Mumbai

An old school soul born in a Maharashtrian family, for Bipin humanity transcends cast, culture, and creed. Popular among his peers, he believes in connecting with people in real-time and practices ‘social media’ distancing. Father of two, an all-rounder, who works 9 to 5, Bipin considers money incidental but making money a conscious effort. A man of principles, he and his wife are dedicated proponents for the cause of adoption and offer guidance to potential parents too. Bipin’s views about life are simple but concrete - that humans should work hard, but money should work harder. Driven by his dreams and determination to create something of his own paved way for his entrepreneurial journey. Today, come what may, he will continue to spearhead the idea to change today, for a better tomorrow.

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