While we say that charity begins at home, it also begins in educational institutions. For the youth, this is the time when they can begin to look beyond themselves and towards the greater good of society. This is the ideal time when younger generations can look at alternate ways of living and solving the problems that plague our society today. As one of our efforts to scale up community service in India, Giving Circle is looking to partner with educational institutions that recognise this important value and  believe in community service and social citizenship as an essential part of their curriculum. Together with educational institutions, Giving circle would like to create a culture of outcome based learnings and establish a long term connection with grass roots India. 


  • Program Strategy

    A curriculum around community service requires planning. Giving Circle can assist in the following ways: 

    • SDG focused blueprint
    • Partnerships with social sector organisations
    • Mentoring and monitoring process
    • Build in ownership 

  • Community Service Culture

    Cultivating a community service culture within educational institutions will require integration at every level that will benefit both the institution and students in the long run. Here are some of the ways in Giving Circle will help you create that culture:

    • Orientation sessions on softer skills
    • Celebrating Volunteerism
    • Sessions with NGO Founders
  • Digitisation

    Creating a community service curriculum is one aspect, but monitoring projects and observing their results is another. Giving Circle proposes a seamless, digital process of keeping track of students’ progress in the social sector through:

    • Digital repository of projects real time
    • Digital Platform to showcase, monitor & collaborate

Academia is placed at the centre of a young person’s life and has the power to affect behaviours, outlooks while imparting values which will remain with students as they grow up to be adults. While they prepare students for cut-throat competition in the real world, academia also had the capacity to induce soul searching among the youth and encourage them to solve the complex problems of the world in new ways. Giving Circle wishes to leverage this position of the educational system in the country and intervene with a culture of outcome in volunteerism, prepare the institute and its students to take accountability of some SDGs and run projects beyond the life of the curriculum.

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