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Monday, 13 Apr 2020

5 Ways To Support The Society During The COVID 19

If 'giving back to society' is something you've always wanted to experience, then there's no better time...

If 'giving back to society' is something you've always wanted to experience, then there's no better time to do it than now. With the global COVID-19 pandemic claiming lives each day, the society, especially the underprivileged families need your support more than ever. Though social distancing is to be adhered to, there so much you and we can do for the society and put up a fight against coronavirus together.

On 24th March, the entire nation was appealed to go on a 21-day lockdown, and the worst hit was the elderly, poor and oppressed. Though we have the privilege to work from home, they do not, and the lockdown has brought on testing times for families who depended on daily wages to meet ends. Also, COVID-19 is deemed to be fatal for the elderly and sick, due to which several are left with no choice but to isolate themselves from society completely. For them, here's something you can do. Let's make them experience that we are in this fight against coronavirus together. And that we shall overcome and survive. Here are five ways you can show support to the society during the COVID-19 lockdown:

1. Donate To A Charity

A few bucks for you may be worth a meal for a family. Pick up a cause and donate. Several social do-gooders are out and about to make this lockdown a breeze for the underprivileged. Your donation will not only speed up the process but also help them reach out to more families in need.

2. Help The Elderly

Approach the elderly families in your building or around you and carry out their outdoor chores if need be. Since you are more digital-savvy than they are, find out and inform them about the emergency medical services available in your area, in case the need arises. They are at a high risk of getting infected than you are, and your act of compassion will ease their troubles and help them put up a fight against coronavirus.

3. Support the House Helps & Essential Workers

Your house helps or maids may not be working, but they deserved to be paid. Get in touch with them, donate a little more to help them get through the COVID-19 lockdown. Besides them, reach out to the watchmen, cleaners too. Donate masks, help them with rations or meals if need be. We are privileged to have these things which may be luxury for them. Let's help them get through this pandemic, together.

4. Promote Good Hygiene & Social Distancing

The whole purpose of social distancing and promoting good hygiene is to save more lives. Install sanitizers at the entrance of your building, washing booths if feasible or use your time to make posters about COVID-19 and spread awareness about the same in your society.

5. Raise Rations or Funds

If you want to do something more than just a donation, speak to the other residents in your building and raise funds or rations for a local charity or start a charity of your own for the house helps, maids or underprivileged families in your area. Every penny counts, and every donation can make a difference.

Let not the social distancing keep us from uniting in this fight against coronavirus. There's a lot that you can do to show your support for the society just from the comfort of your home - make a donation, spread awareness or raise funds for a local charity. The time is now to give back to society as we all race through the perils of COVID-19. Do your bit, today.


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Recommend a Change Maker around you

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