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Wednesday, 08 Apr 2020

9 things you can do to help others without spending a penny

The most common question we all ask is, ‘how can we make a difference when we are quarantined without spending a penny?’ While we are all locked in our homes for 21 days, we all desire to do something that is outside the box but, the lack of finances and staying indoors hinder us from doing so.

The most common question we all ask is, ‘how can we make a difference when we are quarantined without spending a penny?’ While we are all locked in our homes for 21 days, we all desire to do something that is outside the box but, the lack of finances and staying indoors hinder us from doing so. For quite obvious reasons, the deadly virus is still out there, and we are not supposed to interact with anyone or even step outside. So, let’s say we all need easy ways to make a difference….Yes, you heard us!

We came up with nine things you can do to help others without having to spend a penny. That’s right, free. Incorporate some of these suggestions, and you’ll see the difference you can make without feeling guilty about your finances. So, let’s forget about the BIG portion of giving and let’s START with doing what we can while staying quarantined.

1. Stay in

The best way in which you can help during the COVID-19 outbreak is by staying inside your house. The government and healthcare agencies are repeatedly telling people to not step outside their homes during the pandemic to prevent contracting the infection. However, it is also important that you stay in during the lockdown except for buying essentials so as to reduce the burden on those in essential services so they can concentrate on their existing job and not have to worry about newer cases.

2. Help senior citizens in your neighbourhood

Many senior citizens have been rendered helpless in the lockdown, without help unable to go out to buy their groceries and medicines. You can help the elderly in your neighbourhood by doing their shopping for them when they need things. You can also help them with their household chores, cleaning, assisting in the garden, and other everyday chores they might be finding difficult to complete on their own without making physical contact.

3. Donate things

Now is the time when you can help out those in need by donating items. If you can spare them, do give out foodgrain or medicines to government organizations or NGOs which are involved in providing essentials to the poor and the needy. Ask your local authorities for any supplies they might need and if you think you can donate them, send them across.

4. Offer computer help

Even today, many people do not own a computer or do not know how to use it. In this time of a lockdown, as people are relying on the internet to get information and also order essential items, you can offer computer help to those living near you. If an elderly or someone who does not know how to use a computer adequately needs help with finding information online, you could help them. Teach them computer basics so they can use the computer to get information and shop online.

5. Help neighbour’s kids with studies for free

With schools closed and the education of children affected, many parents are at a loss over how to homeschool their kids. If you are good with kids and are willing to spare time, you can help kids in your housing society or colony study. Do remember to maintain the proper social distancing protocols or if possible, take classes for them online.

6. Stop rumours - don’t spread, don’t let others spread

Misinformation is the biggest enemy right now as we sit tight in the lockdown to fight coronavirus infection. So be a hero and stop the spread of misinformation. If you come across people spreading rumours or misinformation on social media platforms, ask them to pull down the post, and in the event, they do not inform the authorities.

7. Feed those on the streets

Many people have been drastically affected by the coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing lockdown. The worst affected are the migrant labourers, homeless people and low-income families who are unable even to afford a square meal a day. You can help in these tough times by feeding such people. Take the adequate precautions and feed anyone on the streets who could do with your help.

8. Walk other people’s dogs

People’s pets are equally being affected in the lockdown. Contrary to the belief, in the lockdown, you may take pets out to do their business or for a walk, but only for short distances. Since pets are not carriers or spreaders of the coronavirus infection, it is perfectly safe for you to offer to walk pets for your neighbours who are unable to make time balancing their professional commitments while working from home and also fulfilling their responsibility towards their household and their family.

9. Make a friendly phone call

A little care, even over the distance, makes a lot of difference, especially in tough times. As you are sitting in your home, make sure to ask your friends and acquaintances about their wellbeing. A phone call or a text message is all it takes but shows that you care. Since you can’t visit them in person, words of support will make a tremendous difference.

To get through this crucial phase, all we can do is stay home, stay together. What we are experiencing is beyond nightmares, but small gestures can be a right deed and keep us all positive. True, we cannot help others in person, but why stop there? These helpful ways can let you do what you want even when quarantined and miles away from your loved, near and dear ones!


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