Mahindra and Mahindra offers to convert resorts for Covid 2019 patients 11 Apr 2020

Mahindra and Mahindra offers to convert resorts for Covid 2019 patients

In the current crisis of the coronavirus outbreak, as India is going all guns blazing to limit exposure and contain the infection, India Inc. has come out in complete support of the measures being taken to combat this global pandemic. In a heartening move, some of the top corporate houses and industrialists in the country have pledged aid and support to the government’s efforts. Among these is the Mahindra Group, led by its Chairman, Anand Mahindra.

Amid the ongoing crisis, the Mahindra Group has offered the use of its Club Mahindra Resorts in the country as temporary COVID-19 shelters. This comes in the wake of several leading hotels volunteering their facilities for quarantining patients and for accommodating healthcare workers. Along with this, Mr Mahindra has also offered his entire salary to the PM CARES Fund for relief measures to fight the outbreak of COVID-19. In a series of tweets, Mr Mahindra also stated that the Mahindra Group is prepared to help the government in setting up temporary care facilities during the outbreak.

Initiatives like these, by the Mahindra Group, and others, are indeed laudable in the current scenario. As the number of infected cases of COVID-19 rise in India, and the pressure on the healthcare system, already spread thin, increases, help from the corporate sector will go a long way in the efforts towards combatting the pandemic. Support in the form of funds, medical equipment, facilities, and personnel, as pledged by the Mahindra Group, will boost the ongoing efforts.

As a developing country, India will be severely hit socially and economically as it pulls out all the stops to combat the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. As more cases of infected persons come to light, there is a need for greater healthcare facilities and infrastructure, including increased testing, availability of masks and protective gear for healthcare providers, as well as health equipment such as ventilators which are inadequate to meet the required demand. At the same time, with the lockdown in force, the hardest-hit section of the population, the poor and the lower middle class will need as much support from the government in the form of welfare measures as possible. It is here that the contribution and pledge of support from leading industrialists like Mr Mahindra will make a difference.

Efforts are also being made by the likes of the Mahindra Group to ensure that the members of the lowest rungs of the industry and the workforce are adequately supported. A fund has been created to this end by the Mahindra Foundation to provide assistance to the self-employed and small businesses to help them tide over in this hour of crisis. With the lockdown having affected a large number of such individuals and groups severely, such efforts are much appreciated.

These efforts by top industrialists and corporate houses like the Mahindra Group are indeed a proactive step by India Inc. and a welcome measure in this period of crisis where every single contribution will count as we as a nation give it our all to fight the global pandemic.

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