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Thursday, 14 Oct 2021

Marketing Goodness: How nonprofits can market good causes

In India, there is often a stigma around promoting a good cause or a Changemaker. The general impression is that in doing so we are tooting our own horn. If the cause and the work is really that good, shouldn’t we be humble about it? On the contrary, in today’s time it is as important to talk about the social work as much as it is to do the social work. Talking about the good work you are doing can not only bring in more volunteers, donors and awareness to a cause but it can also help keep the stakeholders interested in the cause or project over a long period of time. Thanks to social media and email marketing, it is now easier than ever to reach and target larger numbers of people who may be interested in social work or volunteering in India. However, it is important to use these tools to their maximum potential to achieve the desired outcomes. At Giving Circle, we call this process #marketinggoodness.

Social work requires solving problems in the real world, and the best people to help an NGO to do so are its volunteers and donors. In order to keep in touch with existing and potential volunteers and donors as well as the larger community, it is important that there is regular communication. NGOs need to start thinking of themselves as brands which need to build brand awareness and brand recall through messaging. This communication can be in the form of social media posts about the latest projects, regular updates on on-going missions, testimonies from existing volunteers and donors as well as awareness-building videos.

Get to Know your Audience

The first step towards #marketinggoodness is to get to know the audience for whom the message is intended. This can be achieved by interviewing volunteers and donors on what inspires and motivates them about the cause. Through this exercise, we can also understand metrics such as age and economic background, as well as granular information like how many hours in a week they would be willing to give to community service. Equipped with a better understanding of the ‘audience’ we can now tailor the marketing communication.

Visual Storytelling

Without the budget or a large corporation, can NGOs still manage to do marketing? While this may sound like a big challenge, there are some cost-friendly, simple ways to get the message out there. On top of the list is visual storytelling. Videos and photographs of the NGOs beneficiaries as well as infographics will work better on digital platforms than lengthy text. Good quality visual content will garner higher engagement and will likely result in action. There are plenty of free tools like Canva which can help you create stunning visuals for your social media.

Understanding what puts people in the mind frame of giving is an important aspect of #marketinggoodness. Why do certain visuals work better than others? Is there a particular time of the year when donations are more likely to happen? Spending some time understanding the psychology behind giving will give you useful insights to time your campaigns. Also, transparency about funding goals and how funds are eventually used will most certainly impact the way in which the audience will give to the NGO now and in the future.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is yet another way of talking to your audience in a direct and personable manner. With advances is AI, audiences can now be segregated into groups based on various criteria, emails can be scheduled and results can be measured, thus taking away the manual task of sending and monitoring emails. All you need then is a crisp subject line, compelling content which is easy to digest and a call to action.

These are just a few among many ways of #marketinggoodness. At Giving Circle, we provide the software as well as the advice on how to go about marketing a cause. Our easy-to-use software already provides a gallery for images, broadcast email and funding-tracker facility to all Changemakers and NGOs. But if they are looking to go further, we also offer services such as branding, logo development, blogs & articles, email marketing, and videos. Let us help you increase the impact of your actions by giving you the expertise in marketing it.


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Recommend a Change Maker around you

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