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Friday, 08 May 2020

People Are Quitting High Paying Jobs To Choose Community Service As A Career Heres Why

In today’s fast-paced world, leaving a cushy high-profiled job and choosing community service as...

In today’s fast-paced world, leaving a cushy high-profiled job and choosing community service as a career would be labelled as a daring move. But not for a few individuals who we are going to talk about today. They are the torchbearers of what could be hailed as a radical transformation that our society is witnessing in this era. People are voluntarily giving up their secured corporate careers and choosing philanthropy. No longer do they want to stay confined in the walls of their workspaces, and 9 to 5 has certainly become a thing of the past. But what is accelerating this big shift more is that people are discovering the need for inner peace and satisfaction that one feels after making a difference to someone’s life. Something no corporate job has been able to provide. However, this is just one reason.

There could be several other motives why many full-time philanthropists and NGO initiators have chosen to give up their high-paying jobs to indulge in the upliftment of the societies. Could it be the guilt of not being charitable enough all their lives? Could it be because of their loved one or due to a personal experience? Maybe, the list is endless… Though choosing community service as a career has its shares of pros and cons, the soul-enriching experiences while serving the needy has become a bigger calling today than being crippled in a corporate workspace.

These IITians for instance - Several are rejecting high-paying packages to choose community service as a career. IIT Kharagpur graduate, Bipin Dhane gave up his MNC job in Singapore to teach the underprivileged and flood-affected children in Assam. He’s also started a school – The Hummingbird School in Majuli, Assam, which teaches around 240 happy students today! Suhani Mohan, an IIT-Bombay graduate along with a fellow IITian from Madras started Saral Designs, which manufactures machines that can produce low-cost sanitary napkins for women in rural areas. On the other hand, Vandana Maurya, a biotech researcher from Delhi quit her flourishing career to help the tribal of Jawahar come out of poverty and malnourishment. All because they want to be of service to the society and make their life feel more meaningful.

But what really caught our attention was the journey of Narsimha Murthy, a former General Manager in Vivo Mobile Company, South Karnataka, who after discovering that his son is suffering from a rare genetic disorder (DMD) gave up his career, and engaged in spreading awareness about the same. The dearth of knowledge about the disease and no available cure to help his child, made him hop from one hospital to another in the hope that some treatment could ease his son’s pain. He soon came across a centre for DMD at Baptist Hospital in Bangalore, where he learned about ORDI, an NGO that eventually took the responsibility of his son’s medication. Moved by the gesture, Mr. Murthy decided to dedicate the rest of his life to community service. ORDI provided him with employment to cover his livelihood needs.

With the help of ORDI, he set up a branch of the NGO in Mysore and has been spreading the word about the disease and helping patients from economically weaker sections get proper consultation. Today, his effort has reached pan-India especially in Hyderabad, Orissa, Mysore, and Chennai, and his genetic testing and parent counselling camps have helped many! To give up a successful career despite being in need of monetary support for his son, Narsimha Murthy wanted no other parents to go through what he did. He found a new meaning to life by choosing community service and has no regrets of giving up his flourishing past. For the future, he aims to have a rare disease centre in every 250 km radius, so no child will suffer like his.

Giving Circle salutes his spirit to follow his inner calling and stick to his newfound belief of inspiring others. An act of compassion this rare deserves recognition and we are glad to have come across his honourable deed. Narsimha Murthy could have continued with his career and supported his son, but he chose to help children and parents fight a battle that he is a part of too. Like many hands make work light, for him uniting these groups would not only make the pain less overbearing but send out a message that we are all in fight this together.

All he needs is your voice to spread awareness about his cause. The power of word of mouth can help a child in pain somewhere get proper medical guidance. Let’s be the voice, spread the word and ease these sufferings together. If you wish to reach out to him, write a small message on


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