Change Makers

Change Makers

The ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that eventually do.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said " you must be the change that you wish to see in the world”. And our change makers are doing exactly that. Leading the path with awe inspiring projects that are focused towards creating long term impact for the community and world as a whole.

  • Kanav Chavan Intro Banner

    Kanav Chavan - Pune City, Pune 19 Feb 2021

    Food, Women Empowerment, Menstrual Hygiene
    Youth-led initiative for menstrual health and food distribution

    The Yug Foundation encourages young citizens to create change in their community, focusing on menstrual health and food distributi...

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  • Anil Kudia Intro Banner

    Anil Kudia - Amble, Pune 19 Feb 2021

    Child Care
    Shelter for Children from Distressed Backgrounds

    Anil Kudia left behind good prospects to live a life of service to children from troubled backgrounds.

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  • Renu Paswan Introduction1

    Renu Paswan - Malighat, Muzaffarpur 27 Jan 2021

    Women Empowerment, Education
    The ‘Inspirationpreneur’

    Renu is an author, life coach, speaker, and ‘Inspirationpreneur’ who has given inspiration to her community in Bihar through coura...

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  • Naveen Godiyal Helpin Himalayas

    Naveen Godiyal - Barkot, Dehradun 26 Dec 2020

    Primary Education
    Help in Himalayas

    A Pahari English teacher’s dream to bring better language education to children has resulted in a ‘volun-toursim’ programme by the...

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  • Meera Suresh

    Meera Suresh - Chembur, Mumbai 18 Dec 2020

    Campaigning for Organ Donation

    Inspired by events from her own life, Meera Suresh decided to campaign for and educate families about organ donation so that those...

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  • Dr Yoga Nambiar

    Dr Yoga Sreelesh Nambiar - Ulhasnagar, Thane 18 Dec 2020

    Child Care, Disaster Relief, Food, Women Empowerment
    Leading the way for Transgender Rights

    Dr Yoga Sreelesh Nambiar has overcome all odds and spent the last 8 years working for not only the transgender community in India...

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  • Meenal Mandlik Intro

    Meenal Mandlik - Airoli, Navi Mumbai 02 Dec 2020

    Health, Shelter
    Self Esteem Foundation For The Disabled

    For the last 13 years, Meenal has been working towards building a life of dignity & Self Esteem for persons with disabiliti...

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  • Josh Connect Banner

    Smita Chelamchela - Pune, Pune 23 Nov 2020

    Disaster Relief, Hunger and Education
    How’s The Josh!

    A US-returned IT professional decided to use her skills for the upliftment of the community by creating an e-philanthropic website...

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  • Arup Sengupta Intro Image

    Arup Sengupta - Aghar Dutta Ghat, Kolkata 13 Nov 2020

    Child Care, Disaster Relief, Hunger
    Notun Jibon – A New Life

    Even the pandemic did not stop this 70 year old TB survivor and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patient from helping...

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  • Swati Mohite Banner

    Swati Mohite - Pen, Raigarh 02 Nov 2020

    Child Care, Education
    A Mother's Love

    Swati Mohite, whose daughter was diagnosed with severe intellectual disability, started a school, skilling and employment-generati...

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  • Chhitra Subramaniam Intro

    Chhitra Subramaniam - Andheri, Mumbai 02 Nov 2020

    Disaster Relief, Menstrual Hygiene
    Covid Soldier

    Chhitra Subramaniam was spurred on by the pandemic to help those in need. Apart from co-founding Pad Squad, she is a stakeholder...

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  • Rohitt Malhotra

    Rohitt Malhotra - Vashi, Navi Mumbai 20 Oct 2020

    The Mangrove Marshall

    A community led organization that cleans up Navi Mumbai’s seashores in an effort to save mangroves.

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  • Vishal and Ashish Banner

    Vishal Kanojiya & Ashish Balmiki - Parel, Mumbai 19 Oct 2020

    Small Steps, Large Impact

    Through tough times in their own lives, a BSc student Ashish Balmiki, 22, and a BBA final year student Vishal Kanojiya, 21, le...

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  • Raj Jariwala Intro

    Raj Jariwala - Surat, Surat 24 Sep 2020

    Tribal Upliftment
    Honouring memories, enlightening young lives

    A father honours his son’s memory by bringing education and basic facilities to hundreds of children in rural Gujarat.

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  • Shashikant Shah Intro

    Shashikant Shah - Mumbai, Mumbai 21 Sep 2020

    Marketing and Social Work—a much needed Union

    A story on the power of social media to raise funds and awareness for good causes

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  • Harsh Vitra intro

    Harsh Vitra - Mumbai, Mumbai 21 Sep 2020

    Environment, Rural Development
    Using Technology to Solve India's Social Problems

    Students and young professionals are the leaders of tomorrow. If they can come together and solve social issues, then there is a h...

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  • Narasimha Prabhu Intro image

    Narasimha Prabhu - Bengaluru, Bengaluru 21 Sep 2020

    College Reunion Leads to Social Engineering

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  • Vikash Agarwal intro

    Vikash Agarwal - Kolkata, Kolkata 21 Sep 2020

    Innovation for a less hungry world

    When innovation and community service combine, you end up with something truly unique. ‘Apni Roti’ is the brainchild of Vikash Aga...

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  • Chowdari Babu intro

    Chowdari Babu - Hyderabad, Hyderabad 21 Sep 2020

    A volunteer-run website becomes the go-to source for all Covid-19 info is a website that we may have all come across in the last few months. It has not only helped us keep track of the p...

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  • Sayyed Manzer intro

    Sayyed Manzer - Chembur, Mumbai 21 Sep 2020

    Higher Education
    A student-led initiative to raise funds for scholarships

    A Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS) student-led initiative assists students with college scholarships and funding

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  • Chaitali and Amitabh Intro

    Chaitali and Amitabh Gupta - Powai, Mumbai 21 Sep 2020

    Senior Citizens lead the charge

    These two senior citizens have found a unique way to educate underprivileged children in Mumbai

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  • Kanad Intro Image

    Kanad Kumar Amar - Allahabad, Allahābād 17 Sep 2020

    Primary Education
    A Unique Initiative in Education

    When you educate an individual, you change not only their lives but the lives of all the following generations in the family. Than...

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  • Taranjit Kaur Intro

    Taranjit Kaur - Andheri, Mumbai 15 Sep 2020

    Menstrual Hygiene
    A Squad that makes Menstrual Hygiene available to all

    PadSquad brings menstrual hygiene to underprivileged through distribution of sanitary pads

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  • Shivika and Madhur LP

    Shivika and Madhur - Alipore, Kolkata 14 Jul 2020

    Skill Development
    Young, entrepreneurial and full of optimism, these Gen Z kids have taken their cause to the next level. And they are just getting started!

    Generation Z—pampered, glued to the screen and drowning in an endless Tik Tok feed. This is how you would imagine today’s teenager...

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  • Atul Ajmera

    Atul Ajmera - Marwari Gali, Osmanabad 13 Jul 2020

    Food for the Soul

    It is said that one of the highest forms of service is to feed others. Atul Ajmera believes in this so sincerely that he started a...

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  • Neeraj Dahiya

    Neeraj Dahiya - Sector 4, Gurgaon 13 Jul 2020

    Disaster Relief
    Urban Warrior – Criticism to Change

    As a travel and tourism professional, how do you explain away the filth and garbage all over our country? This was the dilemma tha...

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  • Divya Shlokam

    Divya Shlokam - New Delhi, South West Delhi 13 Jul 2020

    Out On a Mission!

    It all started when I attended a webinar in April to understand how to leverage LinkedIn for Giving Circle. While the webinar was...

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  • Ravindra Salunke

    Ravindra Salunke - Osmanabad, Osmanabad 10 Jul 2020

    A Welcome Sight

    Today, as we all face the Covid crises together, the loss of human life and the struggles that the needy have to go through just t...

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  • Sagar Vasoya

    Sagar Vasoya - Mota Varachha, Surat 04 Jul 2020

    A young boy and the glorious Tapi River

    During our daily commute, we often see litter and dirt. We think to ourselves how horrible it looks. Why can’t someone do anything...

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  • Sampath Dangeti

    Sampath Dangeti - Kothavalasa, Visakhapatnam 01 Jun 2020

    India Uncovered: The youth speak up!

    At 19 Sampath is a very unlikely candidate for an activist. He appears to be shy, quiet and meek, but that is where he surprises u...

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  • Sania Siddiqui

    Sania Siddiqui - Pimple Saudagar, Pune 01 Jun 2020

    Menstrual Hygiene
    Taking on Taboos

    Menstruation – the most un-talked topic in society finally has a voice, and she has raged a war against Period Poverty. Breaking s...

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  • Manoj Lubana

    Manoj Lubana - Kishangarh Village, Chandigarh 01 Jun 2020

    A family that feeds together, stays together

    A joint family of 3 generations living under the same roof. This could sound like the start of a soap opera on Indian television,...

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  • Sana Arora

    Sana Arora - Kanjur Marg, Mumbai 12 May 2020

    The Feed'em Movement

    Joining the frontline warriors in a fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is Sana Arora, a change-maker who has been on a mission to...

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  • Nirmal Jyot - Mulund, Mumbai 12 May 2020

    Primary Education
    Women lighting the lamp for education

    Women are the true architects of society. Ms. Usha Prabhakar, founder of the charitable trust Nirmal Jyot, her friend and co-found...

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  • Sonali Ghosh - Mulund, Mumbai 08 May 2020

    Hunger, Education
    Beautiful Minds that deliver beautiful smiles

    It was another birthday celebration for her October born children in 2017, when Sonali Ghosh, a Corporate Trainer, Psychotherapist...

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  • Amit Basu

    Amit Basu - Mulund, Mumbai 08 May 2020

    Animal Care
    Thanks to this couple, every dog has its day

    Hundreds and thousands of stray dogs live on the streets of almost every Indian city. There is a general fear associated with them...

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  • Ravi and Shital Narayanan - Dombivili, Thane 08 May 2020

    Tribal Upliftment
    Raising a Village

    ‘Once you experience the joy of giving, everything else looks mediocre.’ When Ravi Narayanan, an employee in one of India’s top au...

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  • Monica Bisht

    Monica Bisht - BKC, Mumbai 08 May 2020

    Sports, Greening and Hunger
    Go beyond the ordinary

    Countless deeds of generosity, a light of hope for the underprivileged – she’s no superhero, just a mother, homemaker, and a forme...

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