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Monica Bisht - BKC, Mumbai 08 May 2020

Sports, Greening and Hunger
Go beyond the ordinary

Countless deeds of generosity, a light of hope for the underprivileged – she’s no superhero, just a mother, homemaker, and a former media professional who lives in BKC after relocating to Mumbai a few years ago. Every time she saw people in need, she reached out to them like they were her own. Such is the story of Monica Bisht, a social activist for whom happiness felt flawed until she shared it with the needy. While flourishing in her career as a media professional, her integrity kept tugging her towards the cries of the deprived. After having a successful stint in the AAP movement, Monica along with her husband who shared similar inclinations decided to dedicate her life entirely to community service.

Go Beyond

A people’s person and altruistic in nature, Monica didn’t choose a particular cause to support, she chose to support every cause but in a little different, and unique way. Being a sports enthusiast, she decided to create sport opportunities for underprivileged kids. She wanted to see her interests reflected in her deeds and was determined to reach out to every child who aspired to have a future in sports.

In 2014, she started an association Gobeyond with her friend, Satinder Singh Makkar, in Powai, Mumbai. Her proactiveness led her to the poverty-stricken children of Parli villages. These children were either unaware of how they could explore sports or their talents were overlooked only because they couldn’t afford it. Monica helped these children experience the joy of learning sports. From marathons, football, kabaddi, kushti to martial arts, you name it and her NGO made it possible for them. And so far, around 500 youngsters have participated in tournaments that were organized by Gobeyond, thus giving her cause a huge impetus.

Other than sports, educating the girl child is an issue very personal to Monica. She has been donating bicycles to girls who desire to pursue higher education. Her NGO has also distributed lamps, computers, television, sports equipment, and more, all because nurturing these dreams would help these unfortunate kids rise from the poverty-stricken conditions.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Monica was already ahead of the game thinking about potential panic and disaster. A week before the lockdown was announced, she planned a community kitchen for a church in Kalanagar and decided to use the same setup to feed the food-deprived staff in her society. Despite facing challenges like resistance from the neighbors, she didn’t let the situation overwhelm her. She self-funded the whole drive and started preparing chapatis herself to feed as many as she could. Soon, people started joining her cause and social media helping her community service-initiative pick up the pace. When she heard that the slums in her neighborhood were in dire need of rations, she knew she had to step up and help.

Calling in all her networks for crowdfunding and with the help of Rahul Kapoor, who took care of fundraising, she was able to think of a big-scale drive. Utilizing digital payment resourcefully to pay the grain shops, she started sending out rations in the needy areas. With volunteers practicing social distancing while delivering, she helped over 2000 families with 1-month rations while running two community kitchens that fed 200-300 people every day! Again, how is she not a superhero?! Monica didn’t let social distancing or the lockdown stop her from reaching out to those who are hit severely by the COVID-19 pandemic. She now aims to help 5000 families and 20000 people more with her food & ration drive. An act of generosity this rare and coupled with entrepreneurship deserves to be recognized with a standing ovation. One doesn’t need to be a pro at social service to help people and Monica is one of the best examples of that, and inspiration for many today! With technology at hand, she is helping thousands despite being confined in her home. We are truly honored to have come across her noble deeds and the Giving Circle salutes her proactive stance, rational decision-making and her utmost dedication to help the society. Her appeal to all is to Go beyond Charity and Support Dignity. If Monica can do it while balancing her family life, what’s stopping you?

9 Comment(s)

    06 Jun 2020 18:48 Be someone’s greatest gift like Monika R Bisht.
  • megha kukreja says:

    15 May 2020 10:56 I can only salute nd tell all those cribbing about lockdown to learn from such humility and bravery
    • Monica R Bisht replies:

      16 May 2020 12:52 Let us all reach out to at least 10 needy
  • Aanchal Goel says:

    13 May 2020 16:48 Wow mausi..This is amazing..You make us so proud 🙂
    • Monica R Bisht replies:

      16 May 2020 12:50 It is a sad world. Am only a back line worker
  • Magali Rastogi says:

    13 May 2020 10:46 Fabulous work, Monica! You are an inspiration.
    • Monica R Bisht replies:

      16 May 2020 12:49 Doing my little bit. Pandemic is of humanity.
  • Kamaljeet Rastogi says:

    13 May 2020 09:32 Proud of you my Sister! Keep it up!
    • Monica R Bisht replies:

      16 May 2020 12:47 Listening to my heart

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