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Ravi and Shital Narayanan - Dombivili, Thane 08 May 2020

Tribal Upliftment
Raising a Village

‘Once you experience the joy of giving, everything else looks mediocre.’ When Ravi Narayanan, an employee in one of India’s top automobile companies and his wife, Shital, a full-time counsellor visited a few tribal villages to donate sweets on Sankranti, they were appalled by what they came across in Pejwadi, Karpatwadi, and Musrundi. The inhabitants were diseased and malnourished, the children looked starved to bones, the women had to travel miles to collect clean drinking water and the entire village was an unsanitary ground to live on. Shocked to see them struggling to have one proper meal in a day was the heart-breaking sight that made Ravi and Shital step in to help in every way possible, even if it meant giving up weekends and pooling in extra hours post work.

They wanted to bring about a change because nobody deserved to live like that.
With no access to clean drinking water, basic essential supplies or even medical facilities, these villagers couldn’t even understand as to why they need these facilities in the first place. For some of them who have never stepped out of the village, they had no clue how these facilities could change their lives, making the whole task a strenuous challenge for the couple. Also, the paucity of funds made things all the more difficult for Ravi and Shital because they knew setting up a village from scratch meant huge expenditures.

However, driven by a strong intent to help these Adivasi groups, and with all the help they could gather from their families and relatives, Ravi, Shital, and their son, Aakash went head-on to serve and bring a change.

  • They set up health camps first to identify and treat children who were malnourished. They wanted to focus initially on the younger lots so they can grow up healthier
  • They introduced life skill programs to children to help them understand the knacks of surviving in the big city
  • Next, they set up medical and eye camps for the villagers, for which they visited every single house to explain the reason why the check-ups were important, how medicines could help and how further treatments could ease their lives

With their circle of influence growing due to word of mouth, Ravi and Shital were encouraged to put hands in new tasks. Ravi took up the cause of sanitary upliftment. Through their trust Saara Akassh, they reached out to people for donations and gave out sponsoring options like set-up costs for one toilet in a household.

  • Today, one of their biggest achievements has been making the villages open-defecation free by installing toilets in 40 households
  • They’ve also laid the foundation to make basic drinking water available to each house
  • They provided stationery and sanitary supplies to schools as well

Hailed as heroes, looked upon as godparents, Ravi and Shital have made the villagers believe that there’s hope and a better way to live. Recalling moments of people smiling because they had a healthy meal or they feel better due to treatment has been the most gratifying moment for them. However, the couple define these experiences as just the beginning.

Today, they have completely submitted themselves to the cause of upliftment of these villages. Knowing for a fact that they had to give up on their family time, weekends and even personal funds, the feeling of gratification while serving has made Ravi, Shital and Aakash come back and give more. By investing all the time and energy they have, they are always looking out for likeminded people who would want to join this circle that they have started, for the upliftment of these villages and more in the future.

Watching Ravi, Shital and Aakash give up more hours in a day selflessly for a good cause is an honour, and Giving Circle salutes their utmost determination and their commitment to this journey. Given that more hands can make a task easier, we urge our readers to join them or contribute as much as you can to give their cause a momentum and to help these Adivasi villages live in a habitable environment.

About the trust:
Saara Akassh

Saaraakassh believes in the act of giving, in helping the needy and making the world a better place to live in. Founded in October 2015 and it is spearheaded by two philanthropists, Ravi and Shital who have been working relentlessly towards the cause of rural development in three Adivasi villages.

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  • RIPU DAMAN says:

    14 May 2020 13:02 If every one has such selfless attitude and willing to give his/her time,money, resources no one can stop India from becoming a great nation.It is because of these people humanity is still alive
    • Saaraakassh Trust replies:

      18 May 2020 08:41 Thats what we started with and as we started the journey people did their bit to support our cause.
  • Roohi Soni says:

    12 May 2020 22:18 Wonderful story, if each of us take the responsibility of one person in need, the poverty will be eradicated from India.
    • Ravi Narayanan replies:

      18 May 2020 08:40 very well said. each of us can contribute a lot to the society by taking small steps.

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