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One of the need is crowdfunding, and thats one of our features -
Because we are not a crowdfunding platform, we are also having a crowdfunding feature.

Giving Circle's founding principle is to reduce the fatigue in passion driven , intent full NGOs who are here to transform the world we live in . The struggle for resources is evident and funds is one of the foremost. We engage deeply with our NGOs to get them ready to raise funds and effectively deploy the same - however the platform offers self service tools to get ready for receiving funds.

We can classify Donors in two broad categories
    • 1. Institutional Funding
    For Corporates, HNIs, Government and Corporates - We handle this through our Advisory Service off platform.
    • 2. Retail Funding
    From existing set of donors, acquiring new donors through extended outreach and crowdfunding when the ask is big and clear for a certain program - All these are enabled on the platform - Be a Change Maker on the platform to be able to take control to raise funds on your own - digitally enabled with an ability to offer Tax exemption certificate on the fly.

While raising funds from the Crowd - credibility is the key and being on platform and executing your project, events, engaging with volunteers and donors builds that credibility. That's the key differentiator between Giving Circle and any other crowdfunding platform. Its a one stop shop from where you fire all your engines and all convergence happens here . We support you with dashboards and also help you in distributing the campaign with targets amongst your highly networked members and volunteers.

We take care of all aspects of crowdfunding.

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    Readiness before launching one

    This one is a key differentiator and the most prominent reason for failures of many fundraisers.

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    While its on

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    Post Closure

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