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By our Change Makers & Volunteer Diaries

These amazing stories are based on the lives of our Change Makers and Volunteers—individuals who have shown exceptional strength, tenacity and focus, resulting in significant impact in their field of social service. Optimistic, heart wrenching and full of valuable lessons, these stories will inspire you to identify a cause which is close to your heart, give you direction, and keep you motivated to make a change yourself, whether through fundraising, volunteering or simply putting the word out.

Change Makers

While many of us serve the community with an intention to bring change, there are those who lead from the front to MAKE CHANGE happen—these individuals are called CHANGE MAKERS. They have the vision, zeal, and ability to put together a complex puzzle so that their dreams can turn into reality. They have the same 24 hours in a day, exist on the same plant as we do, and witness the same inequalities. But unlike us, they aspire to transform and are inspiring others to do so too. Which is why they deserve to be at the top of Giving Circle platform. Because they are, we are.

Recommend a Change Maker around you

Recommend a Change Maker around you

Do you know someone who has created a significant change and impact in their community through social service? Then please introduce them to us! We at Giving Circle would love to celebrate their work by sharing their story with the world and help them generate more volunteers and funds.

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