How It Works

Giving Circle is a technology platform designed for collaborative work between the Change Makers and the Contributors with a common goal of seeing the cause grow. There are these two personas that have been kept in mind while designing the workflows. The purpose of the toolkit is to bring the two very strong change making agents together and bind them together with the common goal. Our research has shown that there are only 3 currencies that get exchanged between these two and we have enabled configurations for all these.

  • Platform
    Ecosystem Approach

    Online collaboration, verified causes, social media interfaces, dashboards, donor, volunteer engagement & Impact – Giving Circle offers an ecosystem approach to scaling up community service.

  • Personas

    A socially conscious individual wanting to bring in change


    Contributor contributes money or time or material

  • Resources

    Volunteering onsite/offsite
    Skilled / Unskilled


    Giving away in kind as per configured collection centres


    Payment Gateways & Crowdfunding

    An ecosystem of Giving

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How it works for the Changemaker?

  • When The Inspiration Strikes

  • Spread the word, build your community

  • Plan Your Activities
  • Generate The Buzz
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Share Your Success Story
Create Your Own Project

How it works for Contributors?

  • Explore The Circles Of Goodness
  • Join Hands Where Hearts Meet
  • Nothing Is Small, Do Your Bit Your Way
  • Experience Gratification
  • Spread The word, Inspire Others
Contribute to a Change
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