Welcome to the Giving Circle

An endless loop of giving, goodness, and gratification.
Giving Circle is an attempt to recognize current acts of kindness by Citizens in their individual capacity, digitise them in order to provide scale, consolidation, outreach, visibility and recognition. It’s an effort towards celebrating the uncelebrated.

For NGOs

Giving Circle is committed to scaling up the way community service is practised in India. Our first step towards this goal is to empower non-profit organisations or NGOs.

Over the years we have come across many motivated and dynamic individuals who have given years of their lives or significant amounts of money and resources in furthering a cause. It is now time to give back to these individuals by ensuring that their vision comes to fruition in the fastest way possible.

How do we do this? By ‘marketing goodness’. We believe that marketing is not a dirty word when it comes to social work. In fact, we have seen the positive effects of marketing for NGOs, the returns for which come in the form of more volunteers, more funds and also a raised awareness about the cause.

A Holistic Approach That Helps You Grow

Scaling the impact and ensuring outreach of your social cause are the two pillars on which our Giving Circle offerings are based. Indeed, it is the reason for Giving Circle’s existence. Our unique technology platform and our team of experts offer a variety of solutions with the single objective of helping your cause grow. In order to do this, we use a holistic model which involves web services, marketing services, project based services and everything in between.

From the nature of it’s volunteers to the way an NGO goes about raising donations, each NGO is different. Giving Circle understands and appreciates these differences. Which is why we offer both Standard and Customised modules. Pick and choose the ones that resonate best with you and your NGO, and let’s get going!

Web Services

Gone are the days when we would rely on newspapers, magazines and word-of-mouth alone to build awareness. Today we need an online presence that can be used to reach every nook and cranny of this country. With more than 420 million smartphone internet users in India today, imagine the impact you could create by reaching even one percent of them!

We understand that there may be varying levels of comfort with technology and therefore we have come up with an integrated solution that covers every aspect of online presence.

Our web services for NGOs include:

  • A fully functional self-service website
  • Social Media Integration
  • Payment Gateway
  • Crowdfunding Access
  • Event Management Toolkit
  • Volunteer & Donor Experience Management
  • Driving Relevant Traffic

Marketing Services

Your work already speaks volumes about you. Now let us crank up the volume so the whole country can hear it!

Part of scaling the impact of your NGO and ensuring maximum reach is being able to stand out from the crowd. We do this by creating a unique personality around your NGO through logo development and branding. We then engage potential volunteers and donors with conversations around the unique work that you do using wholesome written and video content.

Our Marketing services include:

  • Logo development & Branding
  • Short-form content Blogs/ Articles YouTube Videos
  • Training Services

The best way to amplify the impact of your social work is through your volunteers. Or should we say, your ambassadors? With an increased awareness towards social causes due to economic and policy factors as well as corporations offering employer-supported volunteering, the need for Volunteer Experience Management is on the rise. Imagine if all your volunteers had such a great experience with you that they couldn’t stop talking about it? Giving Circle’s team of experts with a combined experience of 50+ years can help you do just that. With our VEM programme, we can take the volunteering experience at your NGO from ordinary to inspiring.

Project Based Services

Your goal today may be to get volunteers in a specific location. Or perhaps you want to raise corporate funding for a limited time campaign. Maybe you’re planning for a drive that’s six months down the line. These needs keep changing. Our Project Based Custom Engagement model is designed to give you exactly what you need for your specific project. Allow our team of experts to understand your current and future objectives and we can help you achieve them within your budget and timelines.

For Individuals

Change Makers and Volunteers
  • Enjoy the dedicated web presence for a larger audience to see what you are upto with an intention to have them join your cause or learn, get inspired and replicate.
  • Volunteers who are willing to explore, evaluate projects can browse circles and join to contribute in a manner that befits.
  • Whether you anchor a cause or join as a volunteer - we have your Goodness timeline created.
  • Non intrusion is what we care for so none of your contact coordinates are in open. Enjoy the journey without any invasion of privacy.
  • If you feel lost, we are there at every step. seek us here
  • Explore our existing Circles of Goodness

Our B2B Offering

Corporates, Academia & NGO

Through empowering individuals, the platform also attempts to give desired aid to the institutions for taking accountability of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) with an intention to standardise and yet retain the flexibility in volunteerism.

“Tallest lighthouses cast the longest shadows” and with this belief our offering for institutions’ console has been termed as LIGHTHOUSE.

Institutions with their resources are in a unique position to create a ripple effect by encouraging their employees (for Corporates), Volunteers (for NGOs) and Students (Academia) to work on specific areas or focused outcomes.

For Corporates

For Corporates

A radical move within the CSR gambit is it empower employees to lead their social journey with a cause that’s dear to them, forming teams and having support from the local and apex CSR teams. Harnessing Social capital is a lesser thought of but potentially a game changer for the CSRs too, those who have travelled this leg can vouch for the same. Employee driven Giving Circles thus created are mapped to the CSRs to steer the journey with an intention to motivate and mentor. A detailed tour of the Lighthouse offering can be obtained by writing to us here.

For Academia

For Academia

Cause agnostic easy to use tool kit of Giving Circle supports academia in its journey to accomplish outcome-based learning. Tracking the impact and not just volunteering hours spent, creating a digital repository of student led projects are only some of the benefits available to the team of academicians. A detailed tour of the Lighthouse offering can be obtained by writing to us here.