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  • Sublimis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    Technology Partner

    Sublimis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Sublimis is a service/solution and a product Company in the IT space that caters to broad based industries in making them market and cost efficient by enabling greater market participation, process automation, remote workplaces, etc. Sublimis Technologies formed with a team of Professionals having a good mix of Business, Technology, UI & UX capabilities and having over 90 plus years of experience amongst its founder members.

    A champion in the IT Solutions, Digital Transformation and E-commerce space (Consulting & Solutions Provider), Sublimis is formed with a legacy of proven and demonstrated capabilities in building systems and technologies that made businesses being smart and efficient in the market place.

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  • OCD Logo
    Content Partner

    Online Content Development

    OCD stands for Online Content Development. Other than our social media mandate, OCD helps with the writing of our content on the website. Backed by a team of content veterans, designers, social media managers and writers, OCD has been instrumental in creating dynamic content for many brands like ours. They offer services in the creation and design of websites, social media content, blogs, articles, video scripts and product descriptors. OCD has in their kitty a wide range of content genres, from Entertainment to Education, from Retail to Real Estate and from Human Resource to Health. You may reach out to them on.

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  • Genclik logo jpeg1
    Marketing Partner


    Gençlik, It means Youth. We want to be known as an expressive agency. Bringing life in to the brands, that’s entwined with an emotional thread and then making it resonate with the end consumer, satisfies our purpose of doing, what we are doing.Our youth energy and industry experience has helped us cross the bridge many a times with customer success. With us you will take back accountability, fairness and innovation.

  • Enroot Logo1
    Web Partner

    Enroot Foundation Mumbai

    Enroot Innovation Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is working to use technology, science, and innovation for social good. 'Enroot' means to fix something by its roots, with this spirit we started to fix the problems in the society by their roots.

  • Indivish Foundation Logo
    NGO Partner

    Indivish Welfare Foundation

    Nurture benevolence, inspire and empower individual or group of individuals for social transition in structure, culture, institution, ideology for welfare of All.

  • Samhita Logo
    CSR Partner

    Samhita GoodCSR

    Samhita GoodCSR is an online technology platform that revolutionizes the way social sector projects are executed. It connects companies and NGOs, and enables them to address critical social issues collaboratively. Samhita GoodCSR is developed by Samhita Social Ventures in collaboration with Collective Good Foundation, and is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Tata Trusts. With its intuitive Project Management Technology, GoodCSR is a complete solution for CSR teams and implementation agencies, helping them achieve higher efficiency and impact in their projects. The key components of GoodCSR include the Marketplace with impactful programs implemented by credible NGOs, Project Management System for CSR portfolios, the SmartRFP tool to find NGOs easily, and Impact Portfolios with ready-to-invest programs in critical causes.