We touch many lives and there are some who have been kind enough to express the difference we have made to them. Here are some of the testimonials we would like to share with you. In the area of social work, we have been appreciated for our fundraisers, our advisory services as well as our interventions towards community service digital enablement. These are encouraging words that help us move forward and may inspire you to come on board too!

  • Ratna Paluri, Associate Professor, Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management

    We have partnered with Giving Circle for the last two years on students' social projects. We appreciate their creative approach in operationalising some of the projects and guiding students for these projects.This professional intervention for community service is essential to igniting the " giving back " culture amongst the students early on.

  • Neeta Chalke, President, Mashal

    The Giving Circle ethos is an amazing combination of sensitivity and professionalism.Their ability to pick up nuances of the sector's need, explore the donor community, build an ecosystem of input providers and present a credible story line is remarkable. Mashal engaged them to support the cause of the transgender community and the results have been remarkable.The Global Rights Foundation's steady progress in embarking on the community kitchen and Doosra ghar(support centre for transgenders) owes much to Bipin and Bhumika's persistent efforts. The website and the I am Trans logo is an outcome of their creative acumen. Mashal wishes Giving Circle the very best in all its endeavours.

  • Uday Wankawala, Atal Incubation Centre - Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini

    Our interaction with Bipin Joshi (Founder, Giving Circle) started around November-December 2020 & it has been a mutually beneficial association since then. We truly admire their (Bipin Joshi & Bhumika Marwaha) passion for the social sector & their rich Industry experience adds a great value to all the concerned stakeholders. They are the strategic partner for Global Parli's www.agrigateindia.in Powered by AIC-RMP, which was e-inaugurated during July 2021 & Giving Circle has played a crucial role from conceptualisation to bringing in key players / partners together. We look forward to working together on other initiatives at our Incubator including 'mentoring' support to social enterprises & execution of AGRIgate in the next few months. Our Best wishes to the Team !!!

  • Dr Yoga, Global Rights Foundation

    The problems of the Transgender Community are often neglected by our society. Giving Circle decided to make a difference in whatever way they could. We thank Ms. Bhumika and Mr. Bipin Joshi for creating this wonderful platform (iamtrans) to provide shelter homes and employment opportunities for Transgender and PLHIV. We are very impressed with the process, transparency, and clarity Giving Circle has exhibited. We are satisfied with the support that we have received and looking forward to working with them on more projects.

  • Atul Ajmera, Annapurna

    My experience with Giving Circle is that they selflessly supported my project and got me funds. I got to know Bipin through one of our common friends. Giving Circle really deserve a salute for the way they work.

    Projects in rural areas get affected mainly because of funds. Though our projects are one of its kind still we don't have much resources to generate the funds. And at this stage giving circle comes in picture and support us by giving us an platform and becoming a pillar for our projects.

    Thanks to Bipin Joshi and his team which are in touch with me and always eager to know the hurdles we are facing and ready with solution and helping hand.

  • Smita Chelmchela, President & Co-founder, Joy Of Serving Humanity (JOSH)

    It was really wonderful and professional experience working with Giving Circle, specially Bhumika, Bipin and Team. JOSH could leverage their services well to expand the outreach for requirements posted on the platform. JOSH's association with Giving Circle on Christmas Goodie Bags Campaign, could help in spreading smiles to so many underprivileged kids all around Pune. Giving Circle is having a very creative and hardworking team. We Appreciate Giving Circle for always respecting our core values during this association and we wish them all the best for their future projects.

    Looking forward to working with you and your team to reach out to more people who are looking for a trustworthy platform to help the needy.

  • Shital and Ravi, Managing Trustees, Saaraakassh

    Much gratitude to Giving Circle and to thought leaders, Bhumika and Bipin, for recognising our Saaraaksssh Trust's work and including it on the Giving Circle platform. It is always motivating when someone else validates and approves your work. And this is exactly what we felt. They not only helped us to reach out to more people through their platform but also gently guided us to establish better social media presence by creating LinkedIn & Instagram profiles. Not stopping there, they put us in touch with like minded people thus helping us spread our wings further by cohesive partnering. Bhumika and Bipin, a big thank you for sharing the same wavelength with us. Truly indebted. And we know that this valuable partnership will continue.

  • Sonali Ghosh – Founder, Beautiful Minds

    A one-of-its-kind initiative, #GivingCircle, the brainchild of Bhumika Marwaha and Bipin Joshi, is a platform that facilitates participatory philanthropy with digital intervention. It unites individuals and their intention to give back to society. Specially relevant in these difficult times when people want to reach out directly and help serve a cause solely guided by their head and heart.

    A commendable concept and an awesome initiative.