Welcome to the Giving Circle

An endless loop of giving, goodness, and gratification.

Who we are

We are a circle, a group that welcomes like-minded people, who are willing to engage in the art of giving, sharing and serving. Giving is a journey. An act that gratifies one’s consciousness to maintain the balance of life, especially, when you Give to a cause that is close to the heart. Every human being has a side that believes in giving back to society. Here we step in to unite participatory philanthropists by giving them a platform that offers credibility and gratification.

We call ourselves the Giving Circle and our people, the changemakers.

To Give without an intent to Receive inspires the highest form of happiness and peace. We believe - The world is full of kind people. If you can’t find one, be one. At the Giving Circle, we work relentlessly to give every selfless being an opportunity, empowerment and a platform to satisfy their need for Giving.

Your act of goodness can make a difference in many lives. We make these acts attainable and add a pinch of joy to the process. So, join us. Together, let’s create this circle, let’s find one another and join the movement to harness goodness by the act of Giving.

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Who are Changemakers or Giving Circles?

Changemakers are participatory philanthropists who come together to form circles that work towards independent social causes. Driven by their passion to Give, to bring a Change, they pool in all the resources they have i.e. Time, Money &Material for a cause close their heart. See how we place them- they have the power to grow – only await structure & eco system.

Who Can be Changemaker?

The Giving Circle is open to all those who believe in the power of giving, in any form. The circle has no age, caste, creed or gender bar. You are a change-maker if you:

  • Yearn to take out Time from your busy routine to engage in a social cause.
  • You have a reason, a conscious or subconscious Need to make yourself serviceable for a good deed.
  • If you are ready to be Credible for the cause you partake in.
  • If you are looking for a platform to Start A Cause close to your heart.

In the Giving Circle, we’ve circled ourselves into – Mentors and Volunteers

Mentor Changemakers are passionate to start a new circle, a new cause. They are planners, confident speakers, who can take a cause, head-on. Well-inform enthusiastic gunners who are aware of the know-how to bring in resources and get the work done.

Volunteer Changemakers are enthusiastic cause hoppers who are looking for a platform to engage in a selfless deed or meet a credible circle that will support them in their cause.

Giving Circle Advantage

Giving Circle is a platform harnessing technology and leveraging the intent to create a Movement that self sustains. We aim to bring the desired framework to an otherwise unstructured and isolated giving. We are not just reporting goodness, but making the goodness journey a lot more easier using technology.

We not only celebrate good work but also work towards increasing the circle of influence for the change makers so that they can scale and grow the impact. While the change makers benefit with the ecosystem we are building, we offer volunteers a non-intrusive collaborative working system where they can explore and narrow down on their choices to give back.

  • We support change makers and volunteers alike through all 3 buckets of giving - time / money /material.
  • Volunteering is volunteering, we offer privacy and choice.
  • More as you discover, overload of information is not the intent.
  • We envision making giving simple, easy and non-intrusive is our vision.