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Volunteering Makes You Feel Good In Every Cell Of Your Being

Deepa Shah Chaki


Deepa Shah Chaki is a volunteer with PadSquad. 

Deepa Shah Chaki, is a social entrepreneur, mental health counsellor and wellness professional. For Deepa, “The beauty of social work is you can't see what you're getting in return but you feel it, in every cell of your being and you can't really explain that feeling in words. We definitely take more than we give when we do this kind of work.”

During the lockdown, when our changemaker Taranjit Kaur of PadSquad got in touch with Deepa about the initiative. She instantly jumped to volunteer with the cause. Deepa and her peers carried out 8 major pad distributions of 50,000 pads to women from different walks of life. Along with that they also sent over 10,000 pads during the Assam floods. For Deepa, the highlight of her Padsquadding journey was when she along with other volunteers arranged for 30,000 pads for 400 sex workers with the Notun Jibon  NGO in Kolkata. When she’s not busy with her homegrown lifestyle brand, Kuumba - A Way Of Life, she is busy leading the change in societal attitudes toward menstrual health.

For Deepa, joining PadSquad has been magical, heartwarming, fulfilling and special. Working with 50+ padsquadders has made her feel that, ”One can actually move mountains if we work unitedly towards a cause, especially when it’s unconditional with no expectations and the basis of it is love, kindness, compassion and empathy.” Feeling deeply about this cause, Deepa is already talking to her friends overseas to improve the lives of millions of girls and women globally. Most recently she’s had Ekemini Inyang, the Founder and President of Pan African Female Youth Leaders, become one of the global partners for Padsquad!

We are proud to be associated with Deepa who is working towards the betterment of women and also changing the societal mindset towards menstrual hygiene!

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