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Prem Raval Prem Raval Prem Raval
Our Joy Lies In Others

Prem Raval

Enroot Innovation Foundation

A self-proclaimed Internaut, 22-year-old Prem Raval from Mumbai volunteers with Enroot Innovation Foundation. 

Prem is in his final year as a Computer Engineering student & calls himself a 'serial volunteer' & rightfully so. He has been actively volunteering with various non-profits in the education, environment, mental health and other sectors.

He wants to work as an ideator and problem-solver, using the power of technology to contribute for social good. His philosophy, “In the joy of others, lies our own”, definitely comes through in his active work with various organizations like Earth Day Network-IndiaCreating AbilitiesRotaract Club of Mumbai Shivaji Park etc. While he doesn’t pick favourites, Prem shares a deep attachment with his role as corporate relations & PR lead at Enroot Mumbai.

When talking about his volunteering journey, Prem says, “In a way, volunteering has become my perennial source of inspiration, both from within and people around me.”

Here is Prem’s message to all those out there who are starting out on their own volunteering journeys and true to his techy side he’s given a formula as well: It just takes a call of will power from your heart to encourage yourself to volunteer. It is for us to decide how to respond to that call.

Prem's formula to help you get started:
{ [What you Love] + Time } x Embrace Social good = Volunteering 

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