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Rahul Kapoor Rahul Kapoor Rahul Kapoor
Use Life Skills To Help Others

Rahul Kapoor

Go Beyond Movement

While his IIMB degree had his life planned a certain way, Rahul knew his passion lay somewhere else. 

He decided to follow that passion to help better the lives of the underprivileged by starting as a volunteer with Monica Bisht’s GoBeyond, to later becoming a co-founder. Rahul was instrumental in fundraising when the Covid-19 pandemic hit as the NGO was going beyond just providing sports opportunities to underprivileged children.

“When you are in the field, you’ve got to have your skin in the game!” says Rahul. Rahul’s hard work through the years helped him earn his credibility and today leverages this credibility to help the causes he supports. Rahul knows how arduous fundraising can be. His advice for fellow changemakers and volunteers is - “Leave out your ego and focus on the cause to push you through the hard times.”

Currently working on creating simple and practical livelihood opportunities for daily wage earners affected by the lockdown. If you’re interested in learning more about GoBeyond and joining as a volunteer, contact us on [email protected] and we can put you in touch! 

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